Ed of Atlanta

This is a special invitation to sing along with Ed during the choir party. He’s working on an application and web site for people that like to sing and this party is the perfect opportunity for me to get some opinions of some hopefully friendly beta testers.

I’ve got 3 songs I’d like to try with all of you. The first is a tribute to Heather for once telling us the men they didn’t sound manly enough called the Lumberjack song.

The second is called On the roof which shouldn’t require much of an explanation and the third is a popular song written by Leonard Cohen and sung in the movie Shrek with some Christian words that may turn out to be a favorite at Christmas.

I’ve created a little YouTube play list with versions of all three songs and I’ve got the lyrics all ready for you here to view night of the party from your mobile phone (remember I said this was an app 🙂

I know we all can’t get enough of singing together and I hope you’ll all enjoy these songs.



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