Ukulele Tuning

Most of us are playing a Soprano or Tenor Ukulele in standard tuning.  Hold the Ukulele normally for a right hander this means the strings from top to bottom are G-C-E-A.  The Ukulele is the only instrument whose notes don’t follow a standard progression from low to high.   The G key sounds higher than the others.  Think the old tune My Dog has fleas.






If you have a smart phone you can find a tuner in several places.  On my phone I loaded a little Piano application but here are couple other suggestions for tuning. or

Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian

Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
John Prine

Well, I packed my bags and bought myself a ticket
For the land of the tall palm tree
Aloha Old Milwaukee, Hello Waikiki
I just stepped down from the airplane
When I heard her say,
“Waka waka nuka licka, waka waka nuka licka
Would you like a lei? Eh?”
C -/ – G / – C / C / C7 F / – C / G CG/

Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian
Whisper in my ear
Kicka pooka mok a wa wahini
Are the words I long to hear
Lay your coconut on my tiki
What the hecka mooka mooka dear
Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian
Say the words I long to hear

It’s a ukulele Honolulu sunset
Listen to the grass skirts sway
Drinking rum from a pineapple
Out on Honolulu Bay
The steel guitars all playing
While she’s talking with her hands
Gimme gimme oka doka make a wish and wanta polka
Words I understand Hey!

Well, I boughta lota junka with my moolah
And sent it to the folks back home
I never had the chance to dance the hula
Well, I guess I should have known
When you start talking to the sweet wahini
Walking in the pale moonlight
Ohka noka whatta setta knocka-rocka-sis-boom-boccas
Hope I said it right Oh!

Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian
Say the words I long to hear

YuleUkes set list for singers and Ukulele players

We have our first YuleUkes performance on Wednesday the 29th of November at the church.  We’ll gather at 5:30 and play a few songs starting at 5:45 but finishing in time for those of you that play bells to make your rehearsal.  Our audience will be parents and children participating in the Youth choir programs as they wait in fellowship hall.

All are invited; we need carolers as well as players including beginners and first timers.

  1. Oh Christmas tree (chords F and C7)
  2. I saw three ships (F and C7)
  3. Away in a Manger (C F G7)
  4. Silent Night (C F G7)
  5. Jingle Bells (C F G7)
  6. Mary’s boy child (special soloist)







YuleUkes Lesson 1

Oh Christmas Tree and I Saw Three Ships are the first two songs for YuleUkers to learn. Each has just 2 chords (F & C7) and the music is on pages 12 and 13 in the 21 Easy Ukulele Songs for Christmas book. Once you’ve purchased the book you may also link to the video lessons which are here.

Here is an audio file of Oh Christmas Tree to practice with.

Here is an audio file of I Saw Three Ships to practice with.